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Giants, and Atlantis, and Aliens Oh My!

Gians, Atlantis, and Aliens

We’ve talked about Atlantis on the podcast and the blog before. We’re not here to rehash any of that, the long and short is,

“So, where is Atlantis? It’s in two books called Critias and Timaeus and nowhere else.”

We’re not changing our opinion, so no worries.

Recently I’ve been watching a new YouTube channel called Mysterious Middle East. I’m not sure what the angle for this channel is, in that I can’t tell if it’s a fringe belief channel or fringe debunking channel. However, their videos are visually beautiful, the narrators are quite well done, and let’s face it the topics are interesting too. This particular channel covers a variety of topics, but they all circle back to the Middle East and pseudoscience, the paranormal, and pseudoarchaeology. What I like most about the channel is that this is all being told from a Middle Eastern perspective as the author of these videos is from Syria.

One of the topics that keeps coming up over and over again is the idea of giants in the Middle East. Which of course, giants are one of our perpetual topics here and on our sub-blog The Archaeology of Giants. What I’ve also started to notice is the amount of overlap between the idea of Middle Eastern giants and Atlantis. Which, of course, then leads to an overlap of giants and Atlantis and aliens.

You can’t have Atlantis without aliens, it seems.

light painting at night
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So I’ve decided to reinvigorate this topic here on the blog and possibly podcast. Not in that we’re going to go try and find Atlantis or work from the idea that there is any physical evidence whatsoever that Atlantis ever actually existed. If you go to the above links when we visited this topic before you’ll see that our opinion is quite solidly in the ‘Atlantis isn’t real’ category.

I do want to look at all the fascinating ways that Atlantis gets interwoven into other pseudo-topics like giants and aliens and the Nephilim. I’m finding it fascinating that all these things are dependent on each other to be accurate, and all built around an idea that has never been proven correct. It leaves a lot of room for speculation across-the-board when it comes to Atlantis theorists and giant hunters, and it’s really just intriguing to me the leaps and jumps and connections that are made.

So when our next few blog posts and crossovers were going to be examining the intersection of Atlantis, giants, and aliens. At times these things being the same, at times than being completely separate. I don’t think I’m necessarily presenting any new information here, I also don’t think I’m introducing new connections, what I am hoping to do is pull everything together in one place as completely as I am capable of doing. Sometimes understanding the thought process behind an idea, and seeing all of the connections laid out in a line, can help us understand the overall argument and the reasons behind that argument.

What we’re striving for here is a better understanding of the fringe and fringe beliefs.
And it’s also fun to look at giant aliens from Atlantis, oh yeah and Lovecraft, Lovecraft is involved.

giants line

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giants line


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